About Missions

We believe that the Bible calls all Christians to testify to the redeeming work of Christ’s death and resurrection.  In Acts 1, we read that Jesus exhorts his followers to be his witnesses, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to all areas and reaches of the world.  In Matthew 28, we see that we are instructed to go in the power and authority of Christ and make disciples in his name.  At Redeemer, we seek to be obedient to Christ’s commands by spreading this gospel to all areas of our reach.

We realize that this has immediate local implications for our body, and so we make it our priority to “seek the welfare” of our community and city (Jeremiah 29:7).  We believe that as we invest ourselves into the very fabric of where we live, we have the opportunity to display Christ to those around us.  As we take jobs, build relationships, conduct business, and grow our families, we are seeking to instill Christ-like, gospel-centered witnesses in the midst of our community.  When we seek the good of our community in the name of Jesus, we are being salt and light, preserving a dying world and lighting the darkness (Matthew 5:13-16).

In addition to contributing to the needs of our local community and investing ourselves in its welfare, we want to take the life-changing truth of Christ’s salvation to those all around the world.  Therefore, we must always reevaluate our lives and ask the Lord if he would have us to go and share this gospel news to other areas of the world.  We both support the members of our own body to follow Christ’s call, as well as support other believers who answer the call.