About Missions

We believe that the Bible calls all Christians to testify to the redeeming work of Christ’s death and resurrection.  In Acts 1, we read that Jesus exhorts his followers to be his witnesses, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to all areas and reaches of the world.  In Matthew 28, we see that we are instructed to go in the power and authority of Christ and make disciples in his name.  At Redeemer, we seek to be obedient to Christ’s commands by spreading this gospel to all areas of our reach.

We realize that this has immediate local implications for our body, and so we make it our priority to “seek the welfare” of our community and city (Jeremiah 29:7).  We believe that as we invest ourselves into the very fabric of where we live, we have the opportunity to display Christ to those around us.  As we take jobs, build relationships, conduct business, and grow our families, we are seeking to instill Christ-like, gospel-centered witnesses in the midst of our community.  When we seek the good of our community in the name of Jesus, we are being salt and light, preserving a dying world and lighting the darkness (Matthew 5:13-16).

In addition to contributing to the needs of our local community and investing ourselves in its welfare, we want to take the life-changing truth of Christ’s salvation to those all around the world.  Therefore, we must always reevaluate our lives and ask the Lord if he would have us to go and share this gospel news to other areas of the world.  We both support the members of our own body to follow Christ’s call, as well as support other believers who answer the call.

Local Missions

Redeemer engages in our local community and city through partnerships with community-based ministries, as well as ministries birthed from within our church body. Most of these are volunteer-based in nature, which gives Redeemer members a specific way to lend our time, resources, and gifts to service in these ministries. Others of these community partnerships are non-volunteer based in nature, though Redeemer is committed to financial and supportive care for these important partners.

Below is more information about our local ministries and partnerships:

YWCA Hospitality House — Redeemer members help prepare and enjoy bi-weekly dinners with families residing at Birmingham’s only family shelter, with the hope of cultivating gospel-centered relationships.

Cornerstone School – Redeemer members can invest into the lives of young students at this inner-city Christian school through tutoring, mentoring, coaching, classroom help, and more.

Avondale Elementary support the students, families, and teachers of our local city school through volunteering time and donating resources.

Aspire Movemententer into a mutually transforming relationship by mentoring a young student at a local school long-term or a group of students for 8 weeks.

M-Power Ministries – M-Power is a Gospel-centered ministry that offers adult literacy training and medical care at a reduced rate for residents of Birmingham in need. There are opportunities to join in this good work through administrative support, Bible studies, tutoring, or providing medical expertise.

Global Missions

We desire to be a church body that is constantly asking the Lord if he would have us leave our lives in Birmingham to serve him elsewhere.  We believe that there is a great need for the Gospel to go out to all reaches of the world, and we want to encourage, support, and partner with those who do as well.  Therefore, we strategically align ourselves with many of our own members who leave to serve globally, as well as other believers serving throughout the world.  These partnerships with those serving in the global mission field is our primary means of sending the gospel out in the world.


Derek and Lauren Webber

Lucy, Olive, Jack, and Ivy

Serving with Serge in Kenya

Derek serves as a physician assistant in the local hospital, and Lauren homeschools their children. They both help lead Bible studies, fellowship nights, and other local outreaches.

Patrick and Joy Banik

Serving with the Navigators in Thailand

Patrick and Joy teach English at a local Baptist foundation within the city. They are also learning the Thai language for long-term ministry to ethnic Thai Buddhists.

Jonathan and Katie D.

Serving with Calvary Chapel in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Jonathan and Katie seek to plant a new church fellowship while discipling the believers and leading any outreaches stemming from the church.

Ryan and Aubrey Martin


Serving with United World Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ryan teaches theology at the Université Chrétienne Bilingue du Congo, helping to prepare pastors for church ministry. Aubrey teaches 4th grade at the Académie Bilingue du Congo for Congolese nationals seeking a bilingual education.

Nate and Amy

Serving with Interserve in North Africa

Nate and Amy seek to live as salt and light by getting to know neighbors, making friends, building relationships, living generously, and sharing the good news of Jesus with the desire to see a church planted in their city.

Long-term Partners

Not Forgotten

Redeemer is joined in partnership with Not Forgotten, a ministry for orphaned street boys in the jungles of Peru. Founded by Redeemer members, Not Forgotten is currently building a new boys home on recently purchased property outside of Iquitos.

Canaan Christian Community


Canaan was started and is still run by a native Haitian couple, Pastor Henry and Sister Gladys, who care for over 60 children. In addition to operating as an orphanage, Canaan consists of a school, a church, a medical clinic, and a malnutrition clinic. Each fall and spring Redeemer sends a team to invest in these ministries of Canaan and to further deepen our relationship with these dear brothers and sisters.

Mid-term Missionaries

Phil and Emily

East Asia

Teaching English (September 2018-2019)

Bekah Leary


Missionary Kid Ministry (October 2018-2019)

Kennedy Buettner

New Zealand

College Ministry (January 2019-2020)

Ricky Fowler

New Zealand

College Ministry (January 2019-2020)

Annual Short-term Trips

Spring — Haiti and Turkey

Summer — Peru

Fall — Haiti and Cyprus



In the book of James, we learn that faith without deeds is dead.  James paints a bleak picture of the Christian who simply “wishes well” for someone who is in need, but does nothing to help these real, “felt needs.”  There is certainly no shortage of needs in the communities around us, and it takes a great amount of Spirit-led discernment to know how and when it is best to help with these needs.  We want to be a body of people that is always extending a helping hand to those in need in our own church body, as well as to those in our nearby community.  Therefore, as part of our missional outreach, we attempt to find the best ways to offer immediate assistance for the “felt needs” of each unique individual and circumstance that we encounter, while helping guide towards long-term success and stability.

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